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I am a personal trainer and owner of NewDay Training in Tsawwassen, BC, Canada.

Weight loss in time for Christmas

Two part Holiday weight loss program  

Beginning December 1 we will offer a two part weight loss program. Part one prepares us for Christmas. Part two carries on after all the festivities are over.
Part one begins Monday December 1st and ends Sunday December 21st. In this first part we will focus on the  healthy indulgence of proper eating, cleansing and frequent exercise. By Christmas you will have lost some weight, you won’t want to eat as much and you will have bumped up your metabolism.  Part two begins Monday January 5 and picks up where we left off with intensive calorie burning workouts. New Day will provide a healthy eating menu and (or) an isagenix weight loss cleanse, four small group class workouts per week and up to two self directed cardio sessions at the gym.

Thank you Everyone for a Wonderful 2012

Well, that was an interesting year….

Please bear with me while I light my pipe, put my feet up in front of the fire, and reflect on the past year of mayhem at the gym.

Well, let’s see.  Several things come to mind:

We had the privilege of welcoming Anne Herringer to the team.  She and all her clients fit like a glove.  Her group classes include:  WOW (Women On Weights) and the ever motivating Stroke Recovery Group.  One would be hard pressed to find a more dedicated and motivating person than Anne.

A whole whack of babies were born, which led to the Moms and Babies spin and the Tabata classes with Monica.  This is a fun group of women and their babies.  I don’t quite know what else to say about them other than “you all bring a very uplifting energy to the gym.  I don’t even mind the cookie crumbs on the floor.”

Oh, yes and let’s not forget the stroke group.  Now this is a classic group of characters if ever I saw one. (I’ll refrain from talking about any individual here ok Kirby and Duncan)  You people inspire me the same way my father did.  Not only have you lived through a tough time in life but you continue to push forward to get everything you can out of life.  Keep up the great work because people learn from you.

Thank you to all the trainers and Lorna who contribute your own special personality to the New Day environment.  Your positive and caring personalities make coming to work a pleasure.  Monica, Kristen, Kate, Anne, Judith, Jane, Deb, Aileen, Elaine and Lorna:  thank you for your loyalty and dedication to your calling.

Welcome also to Rena Shields.  Rena brings the Method Center to New Day.  We welcome her unique style of TRX and Pilates to the gym.  Good luck Rena!

Joyful news is that Kate had another baby….Thomas was born May 27, 2012.  Congratulations Kate and Chris and Ella; we all love you.

Train the Trainer Day….Woo Hoo!  Whose brain fart idea was that?!  Well we did raise some money for Delta Hospice.  Just look at our Face Book page for pictures.  By the way, I’m open to ideas for next year.  I would like to make this into a worthwhile project in the future.

The cycle group pedaled many kilometers this past year.  Trips included an overnighter in Anacortes in April and one in Vesuvius on Salt Spring Island….thank you, Phil & Ann! (what a blast!)

This past year has brought us many gifts of success to our little family.  We have people who have improved their health in substantial ways.  They lost weight, overcame illness, injury, stroke and surgery.  It was tough work for them.  They established new routines in life, created better eating and exhausting exercise habits, making hard choices for the good of their futures.  Friends were made and goals solidified by the glue of common understanding.

My vision for New Day has become simpler over the past few years because of you.  I see more clearly now what New Day is meant to be.  I see us moving forward together with common goals, all pulling for one another and all revelling in each others achievements.  In 2012 I have seen more people than ever before acting out this vision without even trying.  2013 will be spectacular!  I truly admire all of you.  You keep me motivated.  Thank you to each and every one of you….you know who you are!



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