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New Day Spinning

Our spin classes are unique to New Day Training. First, our Keiser spinners are exceptional in their quality, making them the most comfortable, quietest and smoothest running machines found anywhere. They feature magnetic resistance for silent, wear-free operation, an on-board computer to monitor cadence, power output and heart-rate. We also added wireless sound for rider volume control.

We are very proud of our highly experienced and motivating spin instructors. Monica Skeete, Jane Marquis, and Kristen Yakiwchuk. 


One of our most popular classes with a full body workout combining the cardio of spin with resistance training.

New Day Circuit

Circuit is fast becoming our most popular class. Under the guidance and motivation of Monica Skeete and Terry Day, you will achieve a full body resistance workout combined with short bursts of intense cardio-vascular exercise. This style of training can help you burn 300 – 500 kcals per session. Circuit is a progressive class that changes as your body adapts. Circuit is suitable for all fitness levels.

Core Stabilization Class

Directed towards older adults, this class helps with core strength and balance, which will allow for better stability, reducing the possibility of falling. This fun class will leave you feeling fitter, healthier, and safer.


Challenge your limits using your body weight through a full body routine on one of the industries most versatile pieces of equipment yet invented.


View the Class Schedule calendar

Policy for make-up classes

In order to be eligible for a make-up class, you must have given at least 24 hours of notice before the missed class.

Make-up classes are done by availability and in the same 8 week period.