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New Day Spinning

Our spin classes are unique to New Day Training. First, our Keiser spinners are exceptional in their quality, making them the most comfortable, quietest and smoothest running machines found anywhere. They feature magnetic resistance for silent, wear-free operation, an on-board computer to monitor cadence, power output and heart-rate. We also added wireless sound for rider volume control.

We are very proud of our highly experienced and motivating spin instructors. Monica Skeete, and Judith Hutchinson


One of our most popular classes with a full body workout combining the cardio of spin with resistance training.

New Day Circuit

Circuit is fast becoming our most popular class. Under the guidance and motivation of Monica Skeete and Terry Day, you will achieve a full body resistance workout combined with short bursts of intense cardio-vascular exercise. This style of training can help you burn 300 – 500 kcals per session. Circuit is a progressive class that changes as your body adapts. Circuit is suitable for all fitness levels.

Power On

This hour-long class starts with a 20-minute cardio on the spin bike and moves into a challenging strength training workout incorporating bands, dumbbells, and TRX.  We use all the toys!  Suitable for every level of fitness.


The most effective calorie burning workout to hit the fitness scene in a while, and also the most popular!  Fun music, 20 second intervals of strength/cardio with 10 second transition breaks.  The music will make you WANT to move.  Suitable for moderate to intense levels of fitness.

Ball Pilates

Using the core-chiselling fundamental principles of Pilates, this class also employs the Swiss Ball as a core stabilizer and balance-improving tool.   Light dumbbells and/or bands are used to “up the ante” adding toning for the upper body and legs as a bonus in this ab-focused workout. Suitable for all levels of fitness.


A high-energy blast of a circuit training session, HIIT moves you around the room to various exciting and challenging stations, in a trainer-guided workout that incorporates team training– and guarantees not one second of boredom!  Suitable for moderate to intense conditioning levels.

Stretch Flow

What a way to start the day, with an hour of gentle flexibility training, incorporating both Yoga and Pilates elements, but focusing on stretching the muscles and soft tissues without pain or strain.  This is the way to reward the body for all the demands we place on it throughout the rest of the week.  Suitable for everyone who likes themselves.


A total body workout, this class includes 20 minutes of cardio (simple choreography step and skipping rope intervals OR a modified option on the floor) followed by 20 minutes of strength, using bands, weights, and possibly small children 😉 and then segueway-ing into 20 minutes of core and stretch.  Suitable for all fitness levels as this is really easy to modify according to individual needs.


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Policy for make-up classes

In order to be eligible for a make-up class, you must have given at least 24 hours of notice before the missed class.

Make-up classes are done by availability and in the same 8 week period.