“We don’t stop playing because we grow old;  we grow old because we stop playing!”  ~ George Bernard Shaw

Balance Training For Seniors

One of the greatest fears among the aging population is that of falling. Even a relatively short fall can break brittle bones and deprive mobility and freedom.

So why do people fall more as they age?

Why is it that a young person walking down the street trips over some unseen object, stumbles once and recovers to laugh it off, while a senior in the same situation, falls and breaks a hip? It just doesn’t seem fair.

The answer lies within us.

Our bodies are equipped with special receptor cells called proprioceptors. They are found in the skin, muscles, joints and tendons. Their job is to communicate between the brain and body information about our orientation as we move through space. It is these receptors that give us the ability to react to sudden changes in our environment.

Basically, the more active we are, the more awake and responsive our proprioceptors will be. Young people are continually challenging their bodies and (often unconsciously) training their balance, but as we age, we often become inactive and fearfull of challenging ourselves physically.

Our proprioceptors need to be trained.

As with all areas of fitness and strength training, our balance, agility and ability to react to uncontrollable stimuli need to be trained. Our Proprioceptors will go to sleep and become useless if we don’t use and develop them. Simply put: Use it or Lose it.

Can we regain balance, strength and agility?


A carefully structured training regime that incorporates cardio, strength and balance training can benefit anyone of any age.

Cardio training will improve our heart’s ability to do it’s job of getting blood, oxygen and nutrients to all parts of our body.

Strength training with light resistance will improve bone density, thus warding off osteoporosis, will strengthen connective tissues, tendons and ligaments and will improve our ability to function in all aspects of daily life.

Balance training will improve our ability to react and save ourselves from potential falls and will give us the confidence to do the things we love, to get out and enjoy life.

The New Day Training Team  has the expertise, patience and experience needed to help you feel confident in your body’s ability to cope in an otherwise intimidating world.