Postural and Bio-Mechanical Assessment

At New Day we understand the importance of training, playing sports and functioning in everyday life with a properly balanced body. We feel it is critical to uncover the body’s postural inefficiencies and deal with them first before moving on to a structured fitness program.

This assessment takes about an hour including an explanation of our findings. We will then provide you with a written assessment and suggested training protocol for addressing any postural issues.

Sub-Maximal Heart Rate Testing

We can help you determine what your heart training intensity should be to meet your fitness goals. Whether you want to burn calories for fat loss, improve your speed and endurance forthe big race or simple know you are working at the optimum intensity for improving cardio-vascular health, this test will help you be precise in your training protocol.

Golf Swing Analysis and Correction

Our golf professionals analyze your golf swing and help you make the necessary changes to improve it. This service when combined with a postural correction and muscle balancing program gives you the best chance of making improvements in your golf swing.