Terry Day

– NCCP Level II Coach

Providing an intense level of personal one-on-one training and fitness development, Terry’s approach to fitness is specific to the needs of the client. Terry has been involved in fitness and personal training since 1999, working with people of all ages to provide in-depth assessment, professional coaching and education, goal setting and the motivation necessary to assist clients in realizing their goals.

Although Terry’s training qualifies him to work with all fitness levels, he specializes in specific areas of health and wellness that provide clients with the resources necessary to meet their personal needs. His areas of specialty include: professional athlete traininggolf-specific training and active aging.

1. Professional athlete training provides a total fitness program designed to help athletes avoid injury. Terry’s program utilize the “core” muscle groups to maintain muscle balance, strength, and stability. This is for all levels of athletic ability and is essential for athletes who are passionate about reaching their goals. 

2. Golf-specific training enables golfers to correct motor patterns that inhibit their performance and may cause physical injury. I also teach them to strengthen their “golf specific muscles” so that they can hit the ball farther.

3. Active-aging assists older clients in achieving optimal health and utilizing their enhanced strength and agility to enjoy increased quality of life through increased activity.

Terry works with clients to attain the body-balance; training of the mind and body to work together to achieve overall good health. He has enjoyed excellent results working with clients who suffer from back and shoulder pain, designing a fitness regime that works in conjunction with physiotherapists and other professionals to complement treatment, and assist clients in achieving freedom from habitual pain and injuries.

Terry’s passion is helping his clients to develop their optimal physical and mental health, achieve their fitness goals and remain agile and flexible through all life stages.

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